Apollo 14

“Shepard back in space”

Crew: Alan B. Shepard Jr. (Commander); Edgar D. Mitchell (Lunar Module Pilot);
Stuart A. Roosa (Command Module Pilot)

Launch Vehicle: Saturn V

Spacecraft: Kitty Hawk (CM-110), Antares (LM-8)

Launch Date:January 31, 1971

Return Date:February 9, 1971

Apollo 14 saw the return to space of America’s first Astronaut, Alan Shepard, who had famously flown the very first Mercury suborbital mission. The primary objectives of this mission were to explore the Fra Mauro region. Shephard and Mitchell spent 8 hours and 24 minutes exploring the lunar surface.. During two traverses of the lunar landscape, they collected 94 pounds of rock and soil to return to Earth,, using a small pull-cart called the MET to store samples and tools. They also deployed the second ALSEP package of instruments.

Memorably, Shepard was the first to “play golf” on the Moon using a specially modified tool

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