Apollo 17

“We came in peace for all mankind”

Crew: Eugene A. Cernan, Commander, Harrison H. Schmitt, Lunar Module Pilot
Ronald E. Evans, Command Module Pilot

Launch Vehicle: Saturn V

Spacecraft: America (CM-114), Challenger (LM-12)

Launch Date: December 7, 1972

Return Date: December 19, 1972

The lunar landing site for Apollo 17 was the Taurus-Littrow highlands and valley area. This site was picked as a location where it would be possible to find rocks both older and younger than those previously returned from other Apollo missions (as well as from Luna 16 and 20 missions).

The final ALSEP was placed, forming a network of lunar surface sensors and experiments to give scientists on Earth a better understanding of the Moon.

Apollo 17 hosted Harrison Schmitt, the first scientist/astronaut to land on moon. The sixth automated research station was set up. The lunar rover vehicle traversed a total of 30.5 kilometers. Lunar surface-stay time was 75 hours, and lunar orbit time 17 hours. Astronauts gathered 243 pounds of lunar material. EVAs lasted a total of 22 hours, four minutes on the lunar surface. Life support backpack (PLSS), and performance of the Lunar Roving Vehicle and associated new equipment.

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